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Time Event Details
9:30 AM 
Zumba Class
Get your sweat on! Dining Room
10:00 AM 
TED - Aging - It's Not What You Think
With Thad Polk - Cinema
10:45 AM 
Outing - Smokey Mo's (Men Only)
Sign up in the office to join in the fun!
11:00 AM 
Tai Chi
Gentle Exercise for Mind, Body and Spirit! Cinema
1:00 PM 
B-I-N-G-O!! Dining Room
2:20 PM 
Left, Right, Center
Dining Room
2:30 PM 
Water Aerobics
Join us in the pool for water movement!
3:00 PM 
42 Dominos
Dining Room
3:30 PM 
Pet Parents Club Meeting
If a furry friend (or not so furry) lives with you, join us in the Cinema!