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Time Event Details
10:00 AM 
Trivia Games
How smart arre you? Join in to find out! Game Room
10:30 AM 
Chi Yoga
Join Shirley for this fun exercise class! Dining Room
1:00 PM 
B-I-N-G-O!! Dining Room
1:00 PM 
3rd Floor
2:20 PM 
Left, Right, Center
Dining Room
3:00 PM 
Strong for Life Chat
Mary Openshaw will be here to discuss the importance of staying strong for everyday health! Dining Room
3:30 PM 
42 Dominos
Dining Room
4:00 PM 
Armchair Travel - Africa
Join us in the dining room to learn about Africa. We will learn about some traditions and customs, see sights and enjoy some foods! Be sure to sign up!